Ken Cox, DVM is a licensed veterinarian who treats dogs and cats in New Smyrna Beach, Edgewater, Port Orange, and Daytona Beach.

Our goal at Animal Clinic of New Smyrna Beach is to provide quality veterinary care for cats and dogs.  We know your pets are an important part of the family and they deserve the best care.  

Wellness care is important for preventing and detecting certain health problems. We recommend annual blood testing to screen for the onset of disease. Regular physical exams and annual parasite exams are an important part of wellness care. Vaccinations are recommended based on your individual pet's potential exposure to disease. We offer rabies and distemper vaccinations that last for 3 years for adult cats and dogs. That means your pet will be fully protected for 3 years without the need for annual boosters. Fewer shots mean happier visits!

We offer blood testing in-house that provides results within 15 minutes. When advanced blood tests are necessary, we send them to a reference lab that specializes in those tests. We have a digital x-ray machine and can perform basic ultrasound exams to help reach a diagnosis. Our clinic has state of the art dental equipment for cleanings, tooth extractions, and we can even take dental radiographs in order to get a full picture of your pet's oral health. 

We provide surgical services such as spays, neuters, and tumor removals. We also perform other surgical procedures when necessary for the health of your pet.  We perform blood testing prior to anesthesia and offer pain medications before, during, and after surgery so your pet stays comfortable. Your pet's vital signs, oxygen level, and heart rate are monitored while under anesthesia. We even give you a courtesy call to let you know your pet is awake and well as we realize surgery is a stressful time for pet owners too. 

We are an appointment only clinic. Making appointments enables us to keep an organized and on time schedule. It is very rare that you will ever have to wait in our waiting room. We do our best to immediately put you and your pet in an exam room and run on schedule. This means less stress for you and your pet! 

In the event of an emergency, you should immediately seek veterinary care. If it is during business hours, our Veterinarian and his staff are available to see you. If you are able to call us and alert us that you are on your way, we can better prepare for your emergency. If it occurs after hours or on the weekend, we recommend going to an emergency clinic that has the staff to provide care to your pet. 

We accept payment via cash, debit cards, Visa, Discover, MasterCard, and American Express credit cards. We do not allow charging or accept Care Credit. You are welcome to request an estimate at the time of your appointment for the expected charges if one is not offered. 

If you have questions about your pet's health or any of the services we provide please call our office at 386-424-6662. We would be happy to examine your pet and welcome you to the Animal Clinic of New Smyrna Beach family!